CellSmart POS completely revolutionized the workflow.


Easy-to-read, user-friendly and understandable reports allow you to get a better grasp of your business. See where revenue is coming from, what items are selling the most and more. Profit and Loss, Purchase, Returns, Sales, Inventory and Open-balances are just some of the reports you can generate to get a fuller picture of your business.
Create a schedule for any report to be delivered to your email inbox. For example, you can have the monthly profit-and-loss report waiting for you on the 30th of each month or the clock-in/out report delivered to you every Friday evening.
Scannable Keytags Ready
Offer your customers keytags associated with their phone number creating loyal and repeat customers, which means more top-up revenue and additional sale. Also, minimize bill-payment errors by not having to ask customers their phone number each time.
Red/Yellow/Green Light
Let your employees know if the store is the minus (red), breaking even (yellow) or making profit (green) for the day, without revealing actual dollar amounts. The smart visual display works great in motivating employees at better selling to reach the green light each day!
Text Notification
Customers automatically receive a text notification when they make a payment at your store. Also, send them a text reminder when their next monthly bill is due and inform them to stop by your store to pay. Increase repeat business by creating loyal customers.
User Friendly, Fast & Efficient
CellSmart POS is specialized towards the daily workings of cellular retail stores. You will be amazed to see how well thought out and in-depth it is when it comes to your wireless business.
Manager Alerts
Stay informed even when you can't be at the store. Owners receive text alerts when store opens, reaches yellow or green light, and employees delete too many transactions. Program up to five alerts throughout the day when owners receive automatic text-message with sale amounts (items, prepaid card, cash, credit).
Promotion Alerts
Every customer number you generate a bill payment receipt for is automatically stored in your customer database. You can send a special holiday sale or promotion alert to all your customers with a touch of a button. What better cost-effective way to attract customers during the holiday season or other special occasion than to reach out to your own customers who know and trust you.
Create a repair ticket for your customers with all necessary info such as IMEI, price, password, etc. Keep track of how many repairs are done, pending or can't be fixed, as well as how long a phone has been waiting for customer to pick up. Keep an eye on your expensive repair parts inventory to prevent inside-theft.
Keep track of every customer and how much they have spent in your store, as well as any store-credits they may have. Offer your customers Bonus Points for doing business with you and keep track of the points earned and redeemed. Customer Follow-Up tool gives you the ability to keep track of which customers to follow-up after the sale.
Give your customers the ability to put down a deposit on the latest phone and pay little-by-little. When done paying fully, they can take the item. This gives you an ability to serve many more customers who may not have all funds to buy the item at once.
Time Clock
Track your employees' clock-in and clock-out activities and hours worked. Put in their hourly pay rate and CellSmart POS can tell you their total pay for the week.
Expense Module
CellSmart POS allows you to keep track of all of your income and expenses so that you have a complete picture of your business. Whether you are paying rent, salaries, utilities or more, keep a record and know what your expenses are by the day, month, year or any other time period.
Employee Motivation
Motivate your employees to sell more with useful feature such as Employee Performance, Daily Targets and Employee Commissions.
Inventory Management
Easy to manage inventory control minimizes employee theft and gives you a better sense of what's in stock and what's running low. See what items sell and how fast so that you can budget appropriately. Multi-store owners can keep track of serialized inventory at all their other stores from one PC.
Store/Employee Sales Quota
Set monthly sales quota for each category of item (phones, accessories, prepaid cards, etc) in your store and monitor as employees try harder to meet those goals. Also, see which employee is contributing how much percentage towards the overall sales targets.
Habla Espanol
CellSmart POS is fully customizable between English and Spanish at the user level. That means when any rep is logged in, their preferred language is automatically displayed.

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